What areas does J.F. Kiely Service Co. conduct work?

From Maine to Kentucky and Michigan to Virginia

What is J.F. Kiely Service Co. employees experience?

We have over 130 combined years of common carrier pipeline design & operation, midstream gathering, and distribution experience.

What separates J.F. Kiely Service Co. from other consulting firms?

J.F. Kiely Service Co. has a working relationship with J.F. Kiely Construction Co. and several other utility service companies that allow us to effectively design while providing exceptional insight from our sister companies with over 61 years of construction experience.

Does J.F. Kiely Service Co. set up project offices?

Yes, mobilization to a project site or our clients offices occur frequently.

Does J.F. Kiely Service Co perform integrity management?

Yes, several key team members specialized in integrity management while working for pipeline companies prior to joining the JFKS team.