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Integrity Management and Inspection

Our team collaborates with your company ensuring that all aspects of your Integrity Management Plan are met.

Qualified Staff

Our qualified staff is experienced in Risk and Integrity Assessment, Smart Tool Analysis, Anomaly Management Discovery, and Repair.

J.F. Kiely Service Co.’s Inspectors are supported by engineers and other back office resources providing exceptional field inspection for all of your construction needs. They are trained in Hazard Analysis and Job Safety Awareness ensuring the project is completed safely and according to the scope of work under contract. Our field reporting is detailed, providing the your team with the information required to make important decisions about the project health and schedule. These team members have years of experience with pipeline, facility, and LDC inspection. Inspection services available are; Chief Inspectors, Welding Inspectors (CWI’s available), Coating Inspectors, Bending Inspectors, HDD Inspectors, Utility Inspectors, and Environmental Inspectors. Our Engineers, Project Managers, and Inspectors are operator qualified and we are members of ISNetworld.


With extensive hands-on experience, our team can also perform turn-key analysis on your pipeline system, utilizing the most advanced technology and services to maintain your pipeline while efficiently managing cost.

Inline Tool Inspection
  • Develop inline inspection tool plan
  • Coordinate the vendor to provide service around the pipeline commitments
  • Place AGM’s
  • Direct the inline inspection process in the field.
  • Provide the field services to launch, track, and receive the inline tool

Anomaly Investigation
  • Field Measurement (Corrosion and Deformation)
  • Repair Determination (per client standards)
  • Inspection

Pressure Testing

  • Develop the pressure test plan
  • Schedule the resources to conduct the pressure test
  • Mobile Pressure Test Trailer available

- Deadweights
- Digital Deadweights
- Pressure Recorders
- Temperature Recorders
- Includes all critical equipment necessary to conduct a pressure test

  • Licensed P.E.’s for engineer of record on pressure tests
  • Provide the field services to conduct the pressure test

Pipeline Purging
  • Displacing or Inerting pipelines
- Develop purge plan
- Calculate inert gas requirements
- Direct the purge activities in the field
- Provide the field services to launch, track, and receive pigs