Preliminary Engineering Feasibility Studies Large

Preliminary Engineering and Feasibility Studies

Our preliminary engineering services develop your specific design and budgetary goals at project conception. Considerations include land acquisition, permitting, materials, environmental resources, and construction costs. Our detailed services define the project requirements and the project costs, providing the information you need to make key decisions.

J.F. Kiely Service Co. performs feasibility studies to provide an evaluation of the proposed project requirements based on preliminary and raw data. Our team will utilize that information to create a successful path for project completion.

Needs Analysis
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Available Budget
  • Define Project Scope
Option Analysis
Due Diligence
Financial Assessment
  • Cost Model
  • Prevent "Scope Creep"
External Factors Analysis
Procurement and Implementation Plan
Project Management Plan
  • Management
  • Inspection
  • Start-up/Commissioning
  • Turn-over Package