ROW Acquisition Large

ROW Acquisition

J.F. Kiely Service Co. provides a team of experienced professionals, or will work in conjunction with your Land Department, to determine the best right-of-way options for the project.

Working as a representative for your company, our trained professionals develop a rapport and listen to the needs of the property owners affected by the proposed project, while maintaining your company’s objectives and existing community relationships.

We will deploy public relations personnel where required to build on the existing community relationships.

This phase of the project incorporates the acquisition of required work spaces, access roads, and laydown yards, as well as any special conditions required to conduct the project in a safe, expeditious manner resulting in lower overall construction and project costs.

Initial Planning

Landowner Identification

  • Title Research
  • Courthouse Document Review

Acquire Survey Access

Provide Property Plots

  • Property Appraisal

Negotiate the ROW

  • Maintain Approved Budget